I'll Have My Plate

I'll Have My Plate


If you like witty, whimsical and quirky imagery, you'll love this mismatched, upcycled decorative plate pair!
I always used to discard damaged plates with some remorse but I have now found a way of giving them a new life by incorporating the defects into the design/story. I have found some fabulous plates like this that cant be sold but can be given a wonderful new lease of artistic life. 

In this case, chips on two gorgeous, gold and white vintage plates (the larger one is vintage Royal Vale and the smaller one, Royal Doulton Magna), were integrated into a design based on the theme of 'Have your cake and eat it' 

Whether a gift idea or home decor for you, this unique and quirky plate pair work brilliantly as a talking point when displayed on a wall.

(NB: a FREE plate hanger and hook and velcro are supplied with this set so that you can hang it as soon as you receive it)

The larger plate measures approximately 24.25 cms/9.5 inches and the smaller one, 18 cms/7 inches

The plates are really for decorative purposes - although they can be gently rinsed, in order to preserve the fragile designs, please do not soak, scrub or place in a microwave or dishwasher. 

The damage on both is obvious and the larger plate has a light crack that is part and parcel of the concept. In addition, both plates have slight blemishes and fading in parts of the rim but I hope you will agree that these are true signs of having been pre loved and only add to their quirky character!

This is one of a series of plates that I have available -I am limited by the opportunity of finding damaged plates and they tend to fly off the shelf! 

Each plate I make is a one off - whilst I repeat the imagery, it is never on the same plate. Given this, you may be interested to see other plates currently available in the  damaged collection

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