As much as you love him, is your partner a bit of a grump sometimes?
Cheer him up with this unique gift for him! 

The juxtaposition of a miserable Victorian male swimmer with the word 'smile'  is bound to raise a smile on this charming pair of pretty, mismatched vintage Gainsborough and Royal Vale pink, red and yellow roses china tea plates when displayed together on a wall.

**NB: Heavy duty Velcro strips for safe and effortless hanging are supplied FREE with every plate pair. 
The strips are ready for immediate use and full instructions are provided to ensure perfect alignment of the design across the two plates**

The pair are really for decorative purposes - although they can be gently rinsed, in order to preserve the fragile designs, please do not soak, scrub or place in a microwave or dishwasher. 

Each plate measures approximately 16 cms/6.25 inches.

Please be aware that you may see slight blemishes on the plates and/or fading in parts -  I hope you will agree that these are true signs of having been pre loved and only add to their quirky vintage character!

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