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The Classic Collection

The original designs of the upcycled vintage range are designed to give a sought after, contemporary twist to the classic, decorative plate.
By using a variety of images juxtaposed with the original designs, the plates are designed to work individually or in pairs.
Some are matched, others are mismatched adding to the charm of this upcycled decor.
But all are guaranteed to be a talking point and to raise a smile when displayed on a wall.
And every piece is unique, defining this collectable, decorative range.
The plates in this range are all unframed but please contact me if you would like to have them framed - examples of my framed pieces can be seen in the Gallery collection below.


The Gallery Collection

All my plates are designed as decorative pieces and many people ask for the frames that I use as props when I’ve exhibited at events.
Spurred on by the exciting opportunity to be exhibiting at my Art Fairs, I created a collection of framed pieces. Each piece is designed as a whole concept with the background of the frame, whether hand painted or decoupaged, working with the plates.
They are all one off, statement pieces, many of them housed in repaired vintage frames. My unframed pieces can be found in the Classic Collection.