The Classic Collection

The original designs of the upcycled vintage range are designed to give a sought after, contemporary twist to the classic, decorative plate.
By using a variety of images juxtaposed with the original designs, the plates are designed to work individually or in pairs.
Some are matched, others are mismatched adding to the charm of this upcycled decor.
But all are guaranteed to be a talking point and to raise a smile when displayed on a wall.
And every piece is unique, defining this collectable, decorative range.


The Gallery Collection

This special collection of upcycled vintage plates was created for an exhibition that I was invited to show at The Exhibitionist Hotel in London this summer.
As with all of my upcycled vintage plates, each is a one off.
There was a collection of 70 individual and paired concepts and this is the selection that is currently available.
They are priced unframed but please contact me if you would like to discuss framing options.



Every upcycled vintage piece is a one off - the imagery may be repeated but never on the same plate - once its gone, its gone! 
And there are a number of different styles.
So if you're Interested in particular imagery that isn't available at the moment, or if you want to see more examples of the different imagery styles, click on any of the images below to view examples of plates that have been sold within that category.
Then if you see something you like that isn't currently available, or you would like a particular type or colour of plate to go with an imagery style, please get in touch