Catch of the Day - Set of Four

Catch of the Day - Set of Four


This new, range of handmade, fine bone china tableware offers lovers of quirky, interior style statement pieces for their dinner table.

This listing is for the complete set of four pairs of plates that tell the story of an unsuccessful fly fisherman - the main pair, 'Fish', begins the story of whether or not he will catch the fish before a man grabs it whilst the other three pairs, complete the tale of how his unfortunate fate is sealed with him catching a boot/teacup/handbag.

The individual plate pairs  ('Fish', 'Cup' and 'Handbag') are also listed separately here so that you can create your own combination for the table.

The dinner plates measure 26.5 cms/10.4 inches and the bread plates, 16.5 cms/6.5 inches.

The plates are hand made in Staffordshire from white, fine bone china and are dishwasher and microwave proof.

My original designs are silk screen printed to create the decals that are then hand applied to the plates.

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