Desserts are on me - Strawberry Platter and Ostrich (woman)

Desserts are on me - Strawberry Platter and Ostrich (woman)


This latest range of handmade, fine bone china tableware, entitled 'Desserts are on Me', complements the 'Catch of the Day' dinner and bread plates, with a fabulous set of dessert or tea plates.

Inspired by the style of Fornasetti and using etched styled Victorian images, the set of 6 plates features a man and a women with various headgear styled from different desserts. In each case, an impending attack from the side highlights the likely fate of their headgear.

Guaranteed to get guests talking and to raise a smile, they also look stunning displayed on a wall.

This listing is for the woman with the strawberry platter and ostrich.

The plate measures 21 cms/8.5 inches, is hand made in Staffordshire from white, fine bone china and is dishwasher and microwave proof.

My original designs are silk screen printed to create the decals that are then hand applied to the plates.

The finishing touch is then a hand painted black line around the rim.

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