Problem? - Chip

Problem? - Chip


I couldn't leave this beautiful but damaged vintage plate to lie dusty in a box!
Rescued, with the intention of raising a smile by upcycling it with pop art comic inspired imagery, telling the story of a woman embracing a man and relieved that he doesn't appear to have noticed the very obvious chip.

Whether a gift idea or home decor for you, this unique and quirky plate works brilliantly as a talking point when displayed on a wall.

(NB: A FREE plate hanger and hook are supplied with this plate so that you can hang it as soon as you receive it)

The plate measures approximately 25 cms/10 inches,

The plate is really for decorative purposes - although it can be gently rinsed, in order to preserve the fragile designs, please do not soak, scrub or place in a microwave or dishwasher. 

The chip is obvious on the front but that is the 'point' of this quirky design - I hope you will agree!

Each plate I make is a one off - whilst I repeat the imagery, it is never on the same plate. Given this, you may be interested to see other plates currently available in the Pop Art Comic Collection.

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